Our Christmas traditions are evolving as there are more Grandchildren!  Our family has always been a fan of Winnie the Pooh and as usual ….. A.A. Milne says it best.

“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you.  You have to go to them sometimes.”Boot Socks

A gift for the ladies on my list – friends, colleagues, nieces, grandnieces, daughter, daughter-in-law wahooey! Lacy, stretchy, trendy boot socks. The size will be perfect, there will be no duplicates, they’re easy to wrap or mail, great stocking stuffer, appreciated by all, AND I will be thought of as a very  ‘with it’ Grandma – and is this a run on sentence?  Shhhhhhh! A secret for Alicia’s Mom (our model in the picture) she wants another pair!Terrariums

Mossy, ferny, woodland works of art. Maybe there is a gnome under that leaf …or …  only succulents live there … or … there is a miniature bench along a winding garden path. No matter how they are created, terrariums are a gift that anyone will appreciate and can care for – they are really easy! And don’t worry, they are not housed in fish tank like containers like they were in the 70’s (does anyone remember the groovy 70’s besides me?) The vessels are classic, sleek and just pretty. Besides that, they are GREEEEN and can remind us that Spring is just around the corner!Faceplant Linens

They make me smile. A line of pillowcases, sleepwear and slippers with sweet messages. Reflective, thoughtful and inspirational messages as we end the day. Grandchildren – are you reading this? I think this message very nice – hint, hint. Love you, GrandmaSolar Lanterns

What a great gift for ANYONE who loves the outdoors.  So unique – so lovely – great patterns and shapes!  No plug required! Thinking that the person who receives this as a gift might invite me over for a Mojito on a warm summer night. Nice!Magic Light Wand

I saved the best for last!  This wand is the coolest!  You plug your Christmas lights into the transformer, push the ‘on’ button on the wand and with a theatrical flourish your lights go on or off.  The kids really really love it!  I have a friend, whom I shall not name, who continues to use the wand year round to turn on her floor lamp.  Pat, I am sorry to say, I think wand use for a lamp is just a little tacky! (hehehe – not really).  This thing is so darn cute, you will love it!