Jelly Bean® has large, flavorful blueberries mid-summer that taste like sweet, homemade blueberry jelly. The foliage is unlike other blueberries and has unique, elongated green leaves with highlights of red in cooler climates. Try a mini-hedge along a pathway, in the landscape or in decorative patio containers.

Reaches 1-2′ tall and wide
Plant in Full Sun
Fruit in late July to Early August
Soil pH should be 4.5 to 5.5
Zones: 4-8

If you’d like to plant your blueberry bush in a container and keep it on the patio you can! Just make sure to keep it well watered throughout the growing season.

In the fall, you can plant your Jelly Bean™ directly into the ground if you want. But, if you’d like to have your blueberries live in containers again next year, either put them in an unheated garage or follow these steps: Wait until plants have gone entirely into dormancy. Plant them in the ground in a good-sized hole. Fill in with the same soil you removed (don’t add food or compost as you would with a new planting). Water once and forget them until spring when you can re-plant in containers.