ivorysyringsilk The 'Ivory Silk' Lilac Tree

‘Ivory Silk’ Japanese Lilac Tree

This ornamental tree is nothing less than spectacular! ‘Ivory Silk’ is one of the most beautiful Japanese lilac trees we’ve seen. It blooms heavily with enormous creamy white panicles in spring and continues to flower through to early summer. Stunning enough to be a specimen or accent tree but can also make a fabulous background for perennials or flowering shrubs.

Of course, it has that wonderful lilac fragrance and on a tree of this size, the smell will fill your landscape. ‘Ivory Silk’ should top out at 20 or 30 feet in height while it keeps its naturally rounded shape. It will need some help with that so prune just after the flowers have faded.

Later in the season, masses of fresh green seed pods cover the branches. When they turn brown in the cool weather put a few in a vase for a wonderful fall display. Even the bark itself has something to offer with its attractive color and pattern.

‘Ivory Silk’ will tolerate clay soil and an urban environment. Plant in full sun and moist well-draining soil. It’s also hardy enough to withstand our winters without worry.

Enjoy it with all the new butterflies that will flock to the flowers!