White Pine, Incense Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, and more. The best boughs combined with birch, red twig dogwood, and curly willow are a natural choice! We’ve decorated many inspired pieces for you but if you’re a do it yourselfer, you’ll find everything you need to fill your containers, accent your doors, and make your mantel a holiday masterpiece! 

Boxwood wreaths for a classic look.

White pine branches are perfect for a large container.



Best new find!
Spruce Tips make
fabulous tabletop
trees. We even have
the tiny stands! Tree
sizes vary.

Birch for visibility & structure!

Red Twig Dogwood branches are in abundance!

Winterberry for that splash of bright red!

Incense Cedar is well-known for that spicy fragrance.

Hanging & door baskets are perfect for porch or door.

Our decorated containers come in almost every size!

Travel inside to find topiaries and plants of myrtle, lavender, and rosemary.


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