Do you want an absolutely great trio to plant and enjoy together? These garden girls, Stella, Rozanne, and Annabelle may be who you’re looking for. The three have a lot in common but are different enough to make an impressive planting. All three bloom continuously for most of the season! What do they have in common besides their beauty? A long season of blooms, easy maintenance, all enjoy similar light conditions, and all three are extremely hardy for our area. Annabelle will make a wonderful backstory for Stella and Rozanne. Interplant Stella and Rozanne with each other or place Rozanne in front. Since Stella has a vertical habit you will have a nice texture difference with Rozanne’s delicate foliage and mounding habit.

A truly wonderful aspect of this group is that you can plant them in full sun or part shade so making a home for them is easy!

Tip: Annabelle’s blooms are gigantic so can become heavy. Pruning can help. In late fall or early winter cut Annabelle back by 1/2. Buds will be set in spring on new wood which is nourished by the older branches. Resist the temptation to cut Annabelle back to the ground since this will weaken your hydrangea over time.‘Annabelle’ Hydrangea

The giant pure white blooms are 12″ across. ‘Annabelle’ is a true native plant so is exceptionally successful in our climate. This is an easy flowering shrub!
Blooms July through September
Mature height: 3-5′ with a width of 4′
Light: Full sun to full shade
Hardiness zones: 3-8‘Stella D’Oro’ Daylily

A pure vibrant yellow flower that attracts butterflies. ‘Stella’ stays attractive and has a nice compact clumping habit.
Blooms June to September
Mature height: 18″ foliage with 24″ flowers
Light: Full sun to part shade
Hardiness zones: 3-8‘Rozanne’ Geranium

One of the most popular perennial flowers. ‘Rozanne’ just doesn’t disappoint blooming like crazy.
Blooms June to September
Mature size: 18″ tall
Light: Full sun to part sun
Hardiness zones: 4-9Plans for larger plantings of Annabelle, Stella, and Rozanne