There are quite a few plants that will help you achieve a truly impressive container garden that has size and height. This is but one, however, I’ll give you suggestions for other plants that can be similarly used. The rest is up to you! Place this container in part shade keeping your plants protected from the strongest sun of the day. Putting this container in full sun will fade and possibly sunburn the cordyline.Cordyline

Cordyline is a warm weather foliage plant with very colorful glossy foliage. It won’t flower but the rich greens, red, and purples will be enough to make a stunning container. It’s a fast grower easily reaching 3 ft during the season. Other foliage plants can be used in this spot including dracaena and croton.Angel Wing Begonia

These Begonias are in the cane type begonia family and go by quite a few names. Angel wing is the common descriptive name while Dragon Wing® and Bonfire® are branded names. There are differences in leaf color, leaf serration, flower shape and color, and light tolerance but all share a wonderful bushing and cascading habit.  Colors range from white to pinks and red shades which really show up in the shade!


Caladium is another fantastic foliage plant. Lots of patterns and colors. This is a great addition for shade containers. The unfurling leaves couldn’t be nicer! Size 1-3’ depending on variety. Plant in morning sun or shade.Creeping Jenny

Yellow in full sun and chartreuse in the shade, Lysimachia or Creeping Jenny, is a strong candidate for creating a cascade of leaves spilling from any container. It’s a great counterpoint to the tall foliage in your container and helps to make it look truly full. Potato vine of any color can be used instead. The decision is only one of taste. Both plants will fill in equally well.Plans for container design using Cordyline, Angel Wing BegoniaCaladium, and Creeping Jenny