I don’t stop preparing food in the fall so I don’t stop growing my own food either! Growing vegetables and herbs isn’t just for spring or summer. You can add fall planting to your garden calendar and keep that kitchen garden producing the good stuff. While you’re pulling out spent annuals or edibles, put a few in! Whether you put in rows of edibles or one container of lettuce or kale, you’ll thank yourself for the effort (leafy greens are so easy to grow). Fall is a traditional time to harvest, gather, and cook! Need advice on fall planting? Our staff is ready to help!

We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite fall plants below!Beets – When we think of beets we think red but we may need to revise that thought. Of course, red beets will always be available but gold beets really are pure gold. A little sweeter and milder than red, gold beets may bring more people to the table!Broccoli – Be your own peacemaker with Diplomat Broccoli! Made for our climate, Diplomat can be planted for summer or fall harvest because it tolerates both hot and cool temps well.Brussels Sprouts – Do Brussels Sprouts come from Brussels? The answer is yes and they’ve been pleasing people since the fifth century. Don’t fight it, you know you love these tiny cabbages roasted with oil and garlic. Try planting Diablo, a truly reliable variety.Chives – Oniony and garlicky at the same time, chives make fish or potatoes take on a perfect flavor. Fall is a great time for potato soup! Chives enhance any vegetable you can think of, grow very fast, and couldn’t be easier to grow. If you don’t grow anything else, grow some chives!Kale – Kale is good for you! Eat your kale! You’ll be much more likely to include kale in your diet if it’s close at hand. Not only is it a nutritional powerhouse, but a light frost just brings out more flavor. This is the “Queen of Greens” full of antioxidants, carotenoids, and flavonoids galore! This year try the variety Winterbor.Lavender – Is there anyone who doesn’t love the unique earthy scent of lavender? It’s pretty to look at even if you don’t use it for its aromatic properties but don’t miss this opportunity to use what you grow! There are so many simple ways to keep lavender in your life.Lemongrass – If you’ve never ventured into the lemongrass realm, this is a good time to give it a try. Grow it in a container because it can be overwintered in a cool, dark spot (water just a few times) and brought out after the threat of frost in the spring. Lemongrass has a clean citrus flavor and is often one of the key ingredients in Thai food.Spinach – I know the Popeye jokes are just too old at this point but it really is true that spinach makes you strong! Great in a salad, on a sandwich, or sauteed, it’s no wonder Popeye picked a girlfriend named Olive Oil because that’s the best companion for this leafy wonder full of iron. Your red blood cells will thank you!

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