caryopteris A Stunning CoupleBlue Mist Shrub (Caryopteris) and Beauty Berry (Callicarpa) are a stunning couple in the fall garden

Blue Mist Shrub has shimmering blue flowers that look like annual Ageratum.  The foliage can be silvery-green, yellow, variegated green & yellow or green & white.  It grows 3’ tall and wide and is a butterfly magnet.


callicarpa1 A Stunning CoupleBeauty Berry’s smooth, round, lavender-purple berries are a nice contrast to Blue Mist Shrub’s fuzzy blooms.  The berries persist into winter, providing a colorful display against snow.  ‘Profusion’ and ‘Issia’ are two popular varieties.  ‘Profusion’ is a bigger specimen reaching 8’ – 10’ while ‘Issai’ stays petite at only 2’ – 3’.
Blue Mist Shrub and Beauty Berry both enjoy full sun and are hardy to Zone 5.  As with most late flowering shrubs, prune these in late winter or early spring.