bobo_hydrangea-3 Bobo® Hydrangea - A Beautiful Space-Saver
bobo_hydrangea_bloom Bobo® Hydrangea - A Beautiful Space-Saver
bobo_hydrangea- Bobo® Hydrangea - A Beautiful Space-Saver
bobo_hydrangea-6-1 Bobo® Hydrangea - A Beautiful Space-Saver

Size: Do you love hydrangeas but feel you don’t have room for one? This hydrangea is for you. Bobo® is polite and doesn’t take more than its share of space (3’x3’). Although the blooms are huge and cover the entire plant down to the ground, it stays nice and compact. 

Bloom Time: Bobo begins blooming earlier than other paniculata hydrangeas (The ones with the big cone-shaped flowers.) along with Quick Fire® and Firelight®. Look for it to flower beginning in midsummer. It will continue right through early fall giving you plenty of time to enjoy it.

The Flowers: The big panicle blooms start out white and are held up on strong stems. That means no flopping over! As the season progresses, the flowers will continue to lengthen and turn pink! As we get closer to fall, the blooms will be completely pink. This will be a great time to cut some for drying.

Planting: Unlike macrophylla hydrangeas, paniculatas can be planted in full sun. They can also tolerate part sun but may stay slightly smaller than they would be in full sun. Bobo® is hardy down to zone 3, so it can easily make it through our Northcountry winters. This means it doesn’t require any special winter protection after its first year in the ground. All hydrangeas enjoy rich loamy soil so add some compost when you plant. 

Care: Bobo® is definitely a low-maintenance member of the garden. Just prune for shape (if you prune at all) in late winter or early spring. Buds form on “new” wood so you won’t be cheating yourself out of flowers. Fertilize with a slow release granular food in early spring. We always recommend Plant-Tone for paniculatas. Once established, Bobo® is drought tolerant. Water up until the ground freezes during its first year in the ground.