Winterizing Your Plants

Nov 9, 2022

Protecting your shrubs from this cold Winter is important if you want to have healthy shrubbery next season.

Take a look at these tips brought to you by Faddegon’s…

  • You may want to wrap shrubs and ornamentals with burlap, particularly if the plantings are recent (1-3 years) or fragile.
  • Remember to water (prior to the ground freezing) if we have a week without rain.
  • Be sure to apply an anti-dessicant to your broadleaf evergreens. Rhododendrons, Azaleas, evergreens, and ornamental shrubs will benefit greatly from a product such as “Wilt-Stop”. Cold weather moisture loss can cause severe wilting, shock, or plant failure, so protect your valuable plants now.
  • Make sure shrubs, trees and perennials are mulched with 2-3 inches of bark mulch after the ground is frozen. This is more important than most people think.
  • Use wooden shrub protectors to protect foundation shrubs.
  • Roses should be cut back and covered now. First, spray with a dormant spray or oil to avoid diseases that could return in the spring. Then, cover the crown of the plant with a soil mound about 6 inches high. Then cover the entire mound with mulch. For more on roses click here.