Orchid Ascocenda & Vanda Care

Feb 7, 2012

Orchid Ascocenda & Vanda

Ascocendas are of the Vanda family, both being epiphytes, meaning they need no potting medium in order to survive. They are often grown in a cedar basket with no cover for the roots. The care is the same for both. There is no rest period for these orchids so they will flower several times a year.

  • Temperature: 60oF and above at night. 70oF-85oF during the day. Vandas can withstand short spells of cold temperatures, but should not be allowed to do so if it can be helped. Normal flowering occurs with warmer temperatures. Good air movement is important in warmer weather. None is preferred in cold.
  • Light: Bright light in a south facing window. If moved to the outdoors in summer, make sure the plant is acclimated to the sun slowly and is sheltered from afternoon sun completely.
  • Water: Mist foliage and roots once or twice a day depending on temperature and light, or water thoroughly under the faucet in the morning. Water sparingly in winter or during cloudy days. Plants set outside may need watering and misting several times a day in the hot weather.
  • Humidity: Very High. 60% humidity is preferable
  • Fertilization: Use an orchid food such as Better-gro, a urea free food with nitrate nitrogen, every third watering. Water plant first, then spray on fertilizer. Every third feeding, blossom booster can be substituted.
  • Growing Medium: None. If set in a basket, size of the basket is not critical as the roots hang freely through and around it.

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