Redbud Rising Sun

May 13, 2013

Rising Sun Redbud (Cercis canadensis ‘Rising Sun’)

If you’re looking for a small tree that will give you four seasons of interest and be a stand-out in your landscape, then Rising Sun redbud is the tree for you.

This redbud begins the year with flowers of bright pink typical of all Redbuds. Flowers line the stems held tight against the bark like clusters of pink fairy lights. But the flowers are just the beginning of the show.

This tree really struts its stuff when the leaves emerge. The beautiful heart-shaped leaves are apricot-orange when young, maturing to a lime green during the summer. During growth, the tree will show shades of lime green, yellow, orange and apricot all at the same time. The lime green summer color will burnish to rich gold in the fall.

Redbuds are naturally pest and resistant and not fussy about soil type. A small tree, Rising Sun will grow to 12 to 15 feet tall and 8 to 12 feet wide. Rising Sun redbud can be grown in full sun to partial shade. Find a place in your garden for this graceful, beautiful tree.