Daylilies – Reblooming ‘Returns’

May 2, 2014

dynamite_returns_daylily_centerton Daylilies - Reblooming 'Returns'Happy Ever Appster® Daylilies

‘Returns’ Reblooming Perennials

Daylilies come and daylilies go, but Happy Ever Appster’s do so from bloom until frost almost without pause. Years of breeding by Dr. Darrel Apps finally produced these daylilies, now the gold standard of rebloomers in a variety of colors.

The uses are many! Since daylilies bloom in full sun or part shade, siting them gives you some options. Deep, strong roots will hold the ground if you’re looking to plant something hardy on a slope. Daylilies aren’t picky about soil either. Sand or clay, dry or wet, daylilies can handle the environment.

Great as a mass planting or as one special plant in the garden!

Above: ‘Dynamite Returns’

happy_returns_daylily Daylilies - Reblooming 'Returns'

Left: ‘Happy Returns’

sweetheart_returns_centerton Daylilies - Reblooming 'Returns'



Right: ‘When My Sweetheart Returns’

red_hot_returns_centerton Daylilies - Reblooming 'Returns'






Left: ‘Red Hot Returns’rosy_returns_daylily_centerton Daylilies - Reblooming 'Returns'








 Right: ‘Rosy Returns’