Planting Instructions for Trees & Shrubs

Feb 7, 2012

Is There A Right Way To Plant?

how to plant a tree albany ny Planting Instructions for Trees & Shrubs


Proper Planting

Dig hole slightly LESS deep than root mass.
For container plants: Remove plant from container, cut or pull away any circled, matted or tangled roots.
For plants with root ball: Cut burlap, rope or wire away from visible ball.
Set plant in hole so the crown is slightly higher than ground level.
Amend soil with organic matter, such as peat, manure, or planting mix.
Mulch 2-3″ deep with bark mulch.
Water thoroughly.


Proper Watering

The Survival Of Your Plants Depends On It.

Water all plants thoroughly when first planted.
Soak thoroughly to depth of root ball Deep watering once a week for sandy soils.
Deep watering every 10 days for clay soils.
Water more frequently during first month after installation and during unusually hot, dry periods Water with a soaker hose, avoiding light surface sprinkling, or let hose run at a trickle at base of plant for 3-8 hours for thorough watering.
A 12 hour steady rain substitutes for a normal watering. Thunder showers run off quickly and should not substitute for a thorough soaking. Continue this program until the late fall and then again the following year, if necessary.