New 2023 Hardiness Zones

Dec 24, 2023

hardinesszones New 2023 Hardiness ZonesWhat Zone Are We In Now?

The times they are a-changing… and so is our zone! The USDA Hardiness Map was changed in late 2023, and here in the Capital Region, we have been moved to Zone 6a- previously 5a. Although this change has been made, it is based on a temperature average and therefore does not account for our short but extreme temperature swings in late winter, which can have dramatic effects on plant hardiness. So while the growing season is certainly longer, we should still be careful about planting warmer zone plants, particularly in many of our neighboring towns & villages, and especially in less densely populated areas and open fields, where zones still go down to 4b-5a.

Please check with us about your region and plants that should do well for your situation. For in-depth info take a look at the USDA Hardiness Zones Map