Orchid Phalaenopsis Care

Sep 26, 2023

Orchid Phalaenopsis Care

Orchid care is easier than you might think!

A Phalaenopsis orchid (also known as a Moth Orchid) has bright, long-lasting flowers and leafy green stems that do best a bright, warm, humid spot. They Phalaenopsis will bloom at least once a year with blooms lasting from 2-4 months. In some cases, your plant may bloom more often. They do best when planted in soil or bark (not potting soil) and generally will only need repotting every few years. 

Temperature: 50°-70° at night. 70°-85° during the day.

Light: Low light conditions in summer. In fall, move to a south or southeast window, never in full sun.

Water: When moss or bark feels dry to the touch, water thoroughly, allowing water to run through. Let the plant drain completely before returning to a saucer, never allowing the plant to sit in water. Do not use water that has been softened by the addition of salts. Thoroughly flush with clear water once a month to prevent salt buildup.

Humidity: Normal, but not overly dry. Do not mist plant.

Fertilization: Use an orchid food such as Better-gro, a urea-free food with nitrate nitrogen, feeding at every watering. Growing Medium: Phalaenopsis like a moist medium, but prefers to dry out between waterings. Sphagnum moss, charcoal, and bark are all acceptable. Make sure the plant has good drainage. Don’t let the plant dry out for an extended period, particularly during its flowering cycle, as it may drop buds and flowers. Do not crowd the plant as it likes adequate air movement.

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