Orchid Miltonia Care

Feb 7, 2012

Orchid Miltonia

A profuse bloomer, the Miltonia’s fragrant and richly colored blooms will remain for 6 weeks from the time the first bud opens.

  • Temperature: Columbian Miltonias (Miltoniopsis) prefer cooler temperatures.  Nighttime temperatures should be 50 – 60oF and daytime temperatures under 85oF.
  • Brazilian Miltonias (spectabilis, warscewiczii, and clowesii) need a slightly warmer temperature. Nighttime temperatures should be 55 – 65oF, daytime temperatures 70 – 85oF.
  • Light: Miltonias will indicate to you whether or not the lighting is proper. They prefer indirect sunlight from the east or in a shaded south window. In summer, give more shade from sunlight. Leaves on a Miltonia should be a lighter green. If they appear to be yellowish or reddish, the plant is getting to much sun. If the leaves turn dark, it isn’t getting enough light.
  • Water: Although a Miltonia never wants to be left standing in water, they do prefer to be rather moist. As the season changes and the temperature goes up, the plant will want to be watered more often. Watering should be needed 2 or 3 times a week depending on the season. A Miltonia should never be allowed to dry out. The leaves will be permanently damaged. Do not use water that has been softened by addition of salts. Thoroughly flush with clear water once a month to prevent salt buildup.
  • Humidity: Miltonias want 55to 65% humidity. Just as for watering, humidity must increase when temperature and light increase. A humidity tray is useful for Miltonias.
  • Fertilization: Use an orchid food such as Better-gro, a urea free food with nitrate nitrogen, feeding at every watering with a dilute mixture.
  • Growing Medium: Miltonias do best in a fine orchid bark mix. Make sure plant has good drainage. Do not crowd the plant as it likes adequate air movement. 


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