Poinsettia Care

Nov 22, 2023

Christmas decoration or plant lover’s challenge? With these tips you’ll enjoy poinsettias year round!

POINSETTIA (Euphorbia pulcherrima)

Temperature: Keep above 60°F while flowering.
Light: Bright light during winter and keep away from drafts. In summer, keep out of direct sun to prolong it’s life until next Christmas.
Water: Water thoroughly and wait until soil is moderately dry before watering again. Water immediately if leaves begin to wilt. Water more in summer.
Air Humidity: Mist plant frequently while flowering.
Post-Bloom Care: Discard or keep to rebloom next year. For reblooming follow instructions below.
Propagation: Take stem cuttings in early summer and use a rooting hormone.

Reblooming Your Poinsettia
When the leaves have fallen, cut back the stems so they are 4 inches high. The soil should be kept slightly dry and the pot placed in a shady spot. In early May, water and repot the plant, replacing some of the old soil. Continue watering and shoots will appear. Feed regularly and remove some of the new growth to leave several of the strongest new stems. Beginning in September, carefully control the light by covering with a black garbage bag or placing in a room that gets ONLY natural light and placing in darkness for 14 hours each night. Continue this cycle for 8 weeks and then treat normally. Your Poinsettia will already be in bloom again at Christmas time. Flowers (bracts) should last for 2—6 months.


Loss of flower heads or leaf edges turning yellow or brown?
Probably dry air. Mist frequently to revive and maintain level of moisture in the air surrounding your plant.

Red spider mite and mealy bug are the main pests. Use a houseplant pesticide and follow product instructions.

Leaves wilt and then fall off?
Overwatering is likely the reason. Make sure the top one inch of soil is dry between waterings. Failure to water often enough can also cause leaves to wilt and fall.

Leaves fall with no wilting?
Inconsistent temperature is probably the cause. If the plant is in a spot that’s too cold or has been subjected to hot or freezing drafts, then the leaves will fall. Poor lighting could be another factor.

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