Potatoes Grown in a Bag- It’s Easy

Apr 9, 2021

potato-grow-bag Potatoes Grown in a Bag- It's EasyGrow Potatoes in a Bag – It’s Easy!   

Start by choosing three or four seed potatoes for a medium sized bag. Make sure you use seed potatoes and not potatoes from the supermarket. The potatoes in the market have been treated to keep them from developing sprouts. When danger of frost has passed, you’re ready to plant the potatoes in the bag.

Place the bag in a sunny spot. Roll down the sides of the bag to make it easier to plant. Fill the bag with about 4 inches of good potting soil. Place the potatoes evenly spaced in the bag. Try to keep the ‘eyes’ pointing up. Cover the potatoes with another 3 or 4 inches of soil. Water well.

potatobags Potatoes Grown in a Bag- It's EasyWhen the plants have come up out of the soil about 6 to 8 inches, add more soil so only the top 3 inches of the plants are visible. You will be burying some of the leaves, that’s OK. As the plants grow, roll up the sides of the bag as you continue to add soil when plants again reach 6 to 8 inches. Repeat the process until the bag is full. Keep the plants well watered – potatoes are thirsty plants.

When the leaves begin to turn yellow and the stems start to wither, your potatoes are almost ready to harvest. Stop watering and wait a week or so. Harvest the potatoes by dumping out the bag. Compost the old soil and store the bag for next year.


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