Fall Lawn Care

Oct 1, 2012

Fall is an ideal time to jump-start next year’s lawn. It’s a great time to overseed sparse areas in your lawn so that next year your toes will be tickled ‘green’ by a lush carpet.

Without hot temperatures that stress grass plants, you’ll find that fall is an excellent time to seed. Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty is a good choice when seeding. It’s one that we highly recommend for its deep rooting qualities.

Before doing anything, it’s a good idea to have a pH soil test done. You can either pick up a small soil test or bring a teaspoon of soil into us here at Faddegon’s. We’ll test your pH for free and answer any questions you have about the health of your lawn soil. Your pH should be between 6.0 and 6.8. Grass won’t grow well in poor soil.


1. mow your lawn

2. Loosen the soil with a rake

3. Remove twigs, leaves, and any debris

4. Spread the seed

5. Using the back of your rake, gently press seed into the soil

6. Water the area and keep moist until the seed germinates

7. Fertilize. Jonathan Green’s Winter Survival is ideal for fall fertilizing with or without new seeding. The 10-0-20 No-Phosphorus Formula has plenty of slow-release nitrogen for new or continuing root growth.

If you aren’t doing any new seeding, a great organic fertilization solution is corn gluten. It’s a natural weed and feed. In the long run, corn gluten, used over several seasons will reduce your need for any weed control at all!