Winterizing Shrubs

Nov 19, 2012

November is a great month to give selected evergreens a ‘winter jacket’ to help protect them from Old Man Winter’s havoc. Climbing roses and bigleaf Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) can also benefit from additional insulation. Applying an anti-transpirante, also known as an anti-dessicant, reduces damage from drying winds, winter sun scorch and moisture depletion due to frozen ground.

wilt Winterizing Shrubs

Simply spray the protective sealant on foliage, making sure to reach both upper are lower surfaces. Do this in late November or December when daytime temperatures are above 40 degrees. Wilt-Pruf has long been recognized as a premier product  and it’s organic and biodegradable. We always have it in stock in the Fall at Faddegon’s. Shrubs that benefit from a misting include Rhododendrons, Azalea, evergreen Holly, and Boxwood.