Easter Plant Care

Apr 17, 2014

Easter Plants –

You have a beautiful flowering Easter basket…but what do you do now?

While they’re in the house, Easter plants should be kept in bright light but not direct sun. This will help their flowers last longer. When plants are finished blooming, don’t throw them out. Many Easter plants can be moved out to the garden when frost is no longer a danger.

easter_lilies_faddegons Easter Plant CareEaster Lilies and Other Lilies

If Easter lilies (Lilium longiflorum) are planted in in the ground, they may bloom again in the fall – but they are unlikely to survive our winters. Other Lilies can be planted in the garden and should grow and bloom. Leave the stems on the bulbs to die naturally in the fall. They need the leaves to provide food for the bulb to be able to bloom again. Because the plants have been forced into bloom early, it may take a couple of years for the bulbs to store enough energy to flower.

tulip_basket_easter Easter Plant CareDaffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths and other bulbs

All of these bulbs can be planted in the garden. Don’t cut the leaves on the bulbs and plant at a depth of three times the size of the bulb. As with lilies, the bulbs may take a couple of years to bloom again, but leaves should come up next year even if they don’t bloom.

hyacinth_easter_greenhouse Easter Plant Care






 miniature_easter_rose Easter Plant CareMiniature Roses

Even though these roses seem fragile, they are very hardy and can be planted in the garden when danger of frost has past. Continue to water and feed as you would larger roses and they will grow and bloom for years to come.


primrose_easter Easter Plant CarePrimroses

Some varieties of primroses will survive in the garden if they are planted in a mostly shaded moist location. Wait until the weather is warm enough and plant them outside. Keep them well watered through the summer months.



ranunculus Easter Plant CareRanunculus

These plants won’t survive outside here. They grow from a corm, so when the plant is finished blooming, keep watering and feeding it until the leaves die back naturally. Then let the corm dry out and store it in a cool dark place for a few months. They like cooler temperatures, so wait until fall or winter to start watering again.

azalea_greenhouse Easter Plant CareGreenhouse Hydrangeas and Azaleas

These particular varieties are unlikely to survive outside in our area. They are bred for warmer climates. Hydrangeas may live for a couple of years, but are unlikely to bloom. Enjoy them now!

 hydrangea_easter Easter Plant Care