Container Care for Annuals

Jun 30, 2015

As warmer weather approaches, make sure to check your container plants! Some may even need watering twice a day depending on the size of the pot, location and temperatures. Plants in containers require different maintenance than plants in the ground.

When watering, water thoroughly, so water easily pours out of the bottom of the basket or pot. Let the container dry out before watering again. You can judge whether or not a container has dried out by either sticking your finger about 2” down in the soil, or by lifting up the pot and feeling the weight.

Don’t overwater! Roots will rot in a container that’s always wet. Pots and baskets have drainage, but not the ability to drain water away in the same way the ground does.

Hanging baskets dry out faster than plants in other containers! Wind and breezes will wick the water out quickly.

Are you collecting rain water? Plants appreciate being watered with water that isn’t freezing cold.

Give all container plantings liquid plant food every 2 weeks. Bloom boosters are fine to use and contain more phosphorous for that purpose.

Deadheading when necessary is essential. Even plants that groom themselves can often benefit from being cut back. The beginning of July is a good time to shear back baskets whose plants look leggy.

Turning pots is a good idea. Many container plants are exposed to sunlight more on one side than the other, this is particularly true of hanging baskets placed under a porch overhang. Rotating the pot will even out growth.

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