Hydrangea Endless Summer Bella Anna

May 28, 2013

bella_anna_endless_summer_bailey_2 Hydrangea Endless Summer Bella AnnaFall in love with the first pink Annabelle hydrangea in the Endless Summer Collection!

Meet Bella Anna®, the first pink Annabelle hydrangea in the Endless Summer® Collection! Pink is a unique color for Annabelle hydrangea and Bella Annaʼs stunning, dark pink, big, mophead blooms will steal your heart. As its name suggests, this plant will add beauty to your garden all season long.

As with most hydrangeas, it will flush out in the spring with lots of foliage, then when the summer heat hits the blooming will begin. Don’t worry about taking cuttings for fresh indoor arrangements or drying, because The Endless Summer hydrangeas grow on old and new wood. This means they’ll re-bloom in late August or early fall. ‘Bella Anna’ also has extremely sturdy stems to hold up those gorgeous big mops!