Shade Loving Annuals

Feb 7, 2012

Annuals For Shady Spots 

Yes! You can have great bold colors or soft pastels in your shady areas. Each season it seems like growers come out with a few more varieties for shade gardening. Have you checked out all the new coleus’ that’s hit the market in the last few years? Some of them make you forget to mix them with flowers! Don’t forget that many tropical plants enjoy the shade too! (in the picture: “Angel Wing” Begonia) The first step in successfully growing any plant in shade is in understanding what kind of shade you have.

Full Shade: Full shade occurs in a location which is in deep shade all day. Most shade-loving annuals need some sun and will have a difficult time thriving in full shade. Can you grow grass here? If not, you will have difficulty growing almost any plant in this location. A plant designated for shade should have less than 3 or 4 hours of morning sun a day.
Part Shade: This plant should have between 3 and 6 hours of sun a day but have protection from the hot afternoon sun.
Light Shade A location with light shade is usually created by high tree limbs. The ground underneath gets dappled sunlight and times of full sun or shade throughout the day.
Keep in mind that the list may look short, but the number of colors and varieties within these categories is much larger!
Begonia (angelwing, wax & tuberous)
Calendula (full sun to part shade)
Ivy Geranium
New Guinea Impatiens
Snapdragon (full sun to part shade)
Sweet Potato Vine (sun or shade)
Vinca Vine
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