Hello Hydrangea

Hydrangea season is here! And there are many kinds of Hydrangea. While they all have a certain similar beauty, they each have their own distinct traits and needs to help differentiate them from the other cultivars.

Summer Is Here

We’re loving the sunny days, blue skies and seemingly endless blooms that summer brings. Stop by for a colorful stroll and discover the brightest selection of the season.

Explore Our Greenhouses

Come explore the greenhouses to discover a huge selection of houseplants, including tropicals, succulents, orchids, begonias, cactus, so many more… A true plant-lover’s dream! 💚

Botanical Gifts & Home Decor

Come explore our carefully curated collection of botanically inspired gifts and home decor. Perfect for your your plant loving friend or home.

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July Garden Tips

The focus now is on maintaining the beauty you created this spring. Paying attention to watering and checking your plants for insects ... read more

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Feeding Plants – Is Anybody Hungry?

It’s all about the soil! Healthy soil amended with rich compost and manures, along with proper pH adjustments will go a very long way to decrease or in some cases, even eliminate the need for fertilizers. read more

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Hydrangeas – Why Isn’t Mine Blooming?

Your Hydrangea Problem Solver by Proven Winners read more