What could be better than daylilies blooming in your garden?
Daylilies reblooming in your garden!

Do you remember seeing all of those orange and yellow daylilies coming up along country roads in mid-summer?  Some of us grew up knowing them incorrectly as “tiger lilies”. I sure did. Daylilies have come a long way since then!

Hemerocallis fulva is the orange lily of our youth that we still see and many of us have in our gardens.  Because of their hardiness, the genus has been naturalizing vast areas since Colonial times when they were brought from Europe.

Then the changes and improvements began. More colors, more flowers and longer blooming periods were the goal. The man most responsible for achieving these objectives? Darrel Apps. While working at The University of Kentucky, Apps realized the potential of hemerocallis and started to experiment by hand pollinating. The result is the production of some of the most exceptional modern daylilies. As of now, Darrel Apps has introduced 215 daylily varieties including the Happy Ever Appster™ daylilies in conjunction with Centerton Nursery of Bridgeton, NJ and a number of the Trophytakers® as well. Both of these lines are by far the most reliable and popular daylilies available.

Happy Ever Appster™ daylilies include the “Returns” line. Reblooming means they will bloom for at least 6 (most bloom longer) weeks compared to the 3 weeks of the old fashioned varieties. The flowers themselves also last longer than the 6 hours of the older daylilies, remaining open until evening.

Daylilies now have a presence in almost every perennial garden often surpassing other perennials with their reliability, ease of maintenance and ability to bloom for weeks and weeks with big, beautiful flowers. With so many color variations there is a daylily for everyone!

‘Red Hot’ Returns

Blooms are rounded with wide, recurved back-petals of brilliant hot-cherry red with a lemon throat and grass green tonsils. 22″ – 24″ Tall x 14″ – 16″ Wide.
Hardy Zones: 4 – 9

NEW! ‘Passionate Returns’

Rose colored with a bright yellow throat, the large 4″ ruffled blooms are unstoppable from mid-June until mid-September. 16″- 18″ Tall x 16″-18″ Wide. Hardy Zones: 4-9

‘Rosy Returns’

The blooms are a bright rose pink, with a deep rose eyezone and yellow throat. 14″ – 16″ Tall x 12″ – 14″ Wide. Hardy Zones: 3 – 9.

‘Stephanie Returns’

This exceptional rebloomer is a short and sweet variety with a pink/rose red bi-color with a plum eyezone and red veining over and bright green throat. 14″ – 16″ Tall x 12″ – 14″ Wide. Hardy Zones: 4 – 9

‘Blazing Returns’

Recurved petals of hot red above a yellow-to-green throat. The heavy branching and high bud-count often give you multiple blooms per branch on the same day. 24″ – 26″ Tall x 16″ – 18″ Wide. Hardy Zones: 4 – 9

‘Sunset Returns’

Blooms are 4″ wide with piecrust-ruffled petals playing in pastels of apricot, yellow, and gold. 20″ – 22″ Tall x 12″-14″ Wide. Hardy Zones: 4-9‘When My Sweetheart Returns’

Blooms of blush lemon cream with ruffles, exaggerated rose pink eye,bright lemon and white. Plant Height: 14″ – 16″ Tall x 14″ – 16″ Wide. Hardy Zones: 4 – 9A beautiful example of a Trophytaker® daylily

‘Siloam Powder Pink’

Stunning shades of pink and yellow and crimped ruffled edges in bright yellow.

18″-24″ Tall x 15″-18″ Wide. Hardy Zones: 3-9