Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera adansonii | Assorted Sizes


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Easy to grow, appealing to the eye, and happy just about anywhere. These guys love to climb so be sure to get yourself a moss pole to assist with it's aging. You'll notice more and more holes appearing in the leaves as the years go by. Prefers bright, indirect light. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings but don't let this native tropical go completely dry.

SKU: 4" 210380; 8" Hanging Basket 194564

Additional information

Indoor Plant Features

Pretty Foliage

Light Preferred

Bright, indirect light (5-6 hours per day)


4", 8" Hanging Basket

Plants and flowers are unique individuals! Their overall shape and color may vary from picture shown. Unless noted otherwise, it will arrive in a grower’s pot. Pottery sold separately.