Terrariums & Miniature Gardens

Jan 4, 2022

You don’t have to be a gardener to appreciate a terrarium. Miniature gardens in glass, terrariums bring a splash of color and life to a desk, window or any spot in need of a reminder of the natural world. See the video below to find how to create one yourself!Your imagination is the only limit on what your terrarium looks like. Clear glass vessels are most often seen for a true terrarium look, while containers of all types can be used. Fairy, miniature and dish gardens can be planted into anything at least 2″ high on the sides.

Terrarium plants should be selected for lighting conditions. Succulents thrive in full sun and offer a low-maintenance garden! Peperomias and bromeliads can live with less light and so are perfect for a spot with indirect light. Adding moss, ivy and stones definitely begins the design adventure!terr103sm

Add some stones, sand, or shells for added interest and color. Preserved moss also comes in several colors.Fairy gardening is the name given to dish gardens with small accessories added. These range from rustic pieces of fence, tiny benches and arbors to whimsical gnomes and fairies. Your vision is the most important ingredient. Whether you need an elegant piece of living art or a small garden that makes you smile, you can create it.