Hydrangeas Climbing

Apr 26, 2013

Climbing Hydrangeas (Hydrangea anomala petiolaris)

Climbing Hydrangea is one of the few flowering vines that also does well in shade. Not shy, it can soar to 20’ to 30’. It ‘climbs’ by attaching aerial roots to a supporting structure. I have mine scrambling up a huge oak tree. Climbing Hydrangea is breathtaking when in bloom in late June and July with its white, lacy flowers.   The colorful display continues into fall when the leaves turn a stunning golden yellow before dropping, followed by cinnamon-colored, peeling bark that brightens the winter landscape. Bravo! If pruning is needed, do so right after it finishes blooming. This is not a plant to buy if you’re not a patient person. Climbing Hydrangea usually starts blooming in its seventh year of maturity. When buying Climbing Hydrangea, buy the biggest, most mature one you can find for a quicker return on your investment. Or you could always just pull up a rocking chair.