Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden Perennials

Feb 7, 2012

perennialbutterflyYour Butterfly Garden should be located in a sunny spot and you may want to add some rocks here and there as butterflies love to sit in the sun and warm up. A small water source is also recommended, whether it’s a small bird bath top or area that puddles easily.









The Capital District begins to see hummingbirds return to the area in May. If you’d like to see these amazing creatures up close and personal, plant a few of their favorite flowers! Choose varieties in red and orange. You could see Ruby Throated or Rufous hummingbirds in your garden.

Green indicates plants that both butterflies and hummingbirds enjoy!

Plants for a BUTTERFLY garden   Plants for a HUMMINGBIRD garden
Achillea (yarrow)   Alcea (hollyhocks)
Alcea (hollyhocks)   Aesclepias
Asclepias   Aquilegia (columbine)
Aster   Buddleia (butterfly bush)
Centaurea   Campanula (bellflower)
Buddleia (butterfly bush)   Daylily
Chrysanthemum   Delphinium
Coreopsis   Dianthus
Daylily   Digitalis (foxglove)
Dianthus   Heuchera (coral bells)
Echinops   Hibiscus, perennial (rose mallow)
Echinacea   Iris
Eupatorium (Joe Pye Weed)   Kniphofia
Gallardia   Lilium
Helianthus   Lonicera (honeysuckle)
Helenium autumnale   Lupine
Hibiscus   Monarda (bee balm)
Liatris   Nepeta (catmint)
Lilium   Nicotiana alata
Lobelia   Penstemon
Nepeta (catmint)   Petunia
Malva   Phlox paniculata
Mints   Salvia splendens
Monarda (bee balm)
Phlox paniculata   Scabiosa
Physotegia virginiana   Verbena
Rudbeckia   Weigela
Salvia   Yucca