September Garden Tips

Fall is a perfect time for new plantings. Many plants are on sale providing you an opportunity to see your garden wake up next spring new and improved! Watering remains a necessity, but it will take less to keep your new plants happy. Plant fall mums, bulbs, asters,...

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August Garden Tips

Need to take a look at the July Garden Tips? Find them here. Water thoroughly and deeply If we experience dry weather. So far, we've had a real mix of conditions but things can change rapidly! If the weather becomes hot, transpiration can...

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Watering New Plantings & Heat Stressed Stock

Newly planted trees and shrubs may look stressed by hot and dry weather.Even with a rainy, wet spring, it doesn't take many days of hot and dry weather to stress plants, particularly new ones. New shrubs and trees need to send their roots deep into the...

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The ‘Ivory Silk’ Lilac Tree

'Ivory Silk' Japanese Lilac TreeThis ornamental tree is nothing less than spectacular! ‘Ivory Silk’ is one of the most beautiful Japanese lilac trees we’ve seen. It blooms heavily with enormous creamy white panicles in spring and continues to flower...

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July Garden Tips

The focus now is on maintaining the beauty you created this spring. Paying attention to watering and checking your plants for insects and disease should be on your to-do list.  Veggies, fruits & berries. Click here for Tips on Edibles in July. Watering. Continue...

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Bobo® Hydrangea – A Beautiful Space-Saver

Size: Do you love hydrangeas but feel you don’t have room for one? This hydrangea is for you. Bobo® is polite and doesn’t take more than its share of space (3’x3’). Although the blooms are huge and cover the entire plant down to the ground, it stays nice and...

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Plant a Native!

When we use native plants in our gardens, they require less maintenance and protection than other selections. While we're busy making our landscapes beautiful, pollinators are thanking us! They depend on naturally occurring plants for their health and...

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