Poinsettia Care

Printable Version Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) Christmas decoration or plant lover's challenge? flowers (bracts) should last for 2—6 months. General Care Temperature: keep above 60oF while flowering. Light:   Bright light during winter, keep away from drafts –...

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September Garden Tips

Fall is a perfect time for new plantings. Many plants are on sale providing you an opportunity to see your garden wake up next spring new and improved! Watering remains a necessity, but it will take less to keep your new plants happy. Plant fall mums, bulbs, asters,...

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August Garden Tips

Need to take a look at the July Garden Tips? Find them here. Water thoroughly and deeply If we experience dry weather. So far, we've had a real mix of conditions but things can change rapidly! If the weather becomes hot, transpiration can...

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