Trees & Shrubs

"A tree growing out of the ground is as wonderful today as it ever was. It does not need to adopt new and startling methods." -Robert Henri



trees and shrubsdogwood tree plant albanyFlowering trees & shrubs
Hydrangeas, dogwoods, spirea and rhododendrons all have something in common. They can transform a landscape with color! When a dogwood blooms, the flowers flutter in the breezes bringing butterflies to mind and literally bringing butterflies to feed! Hydrangeas fill the yard with big vibrant blooms in a variety of colors tumbling over each other in mid-summer. Spirea flowers cascade down their branches like graceful white waterfalls, arching out to meet the ground while rhododendron flowers spring forth out of their pods, contrasting beautifully with their glossy green leaves. Shrubs and trees such as these speak to our inner artist, painting the warm months splendidly!


shade tree albany ny mapleShade trees
No one can really put a value on the beauty of a lush green canopy overhead. We can however, put some economic value on the heating and cooling benefits provided by shade trees. While cooling a home in the hot months, a shade tree acts as a wind break in the winter months lowering heating costs. Adding to this picture is the fact that the overall value of your home is increased with a landscaped property.


isleySpeciman trees & shrubs
The speciman is loved by all true gardeners. Loved not so much for its cooperation with the rest of the landscape, but more for its own identity. Each year, Iseli Nursery in the Pacific Northwest brings us the cream of the conifer crop. Japanese Umbrella pine, Western Whipcord and Hinoki Cypress have such a different texture and look that they are immediately noticed!
Then there are the weeping trees, arching like dancers, each with its own particular coreography, making a dramatic statement of grace. Ask to see a Weeping European Beech or a Weeping Larch and you'll see what we mean.


raspberry bush plant berry albany nyapple fruit trees plant albany ny



Fruiting trees & shrubs

Is there any reason not to have some fruiting plants in your yard? Succulant fruits and berries are their own reward! Even one raspberry bush will supply you with enough topping for ice cream to satisfy a summer!