Creeping Phlox
forthillpage Creeping phlox (Phlox subulata) stands among the most reliable and loved semi-evergreen groundcovers seen in Northeast gardens. Growing from 3-6” tall and quickly creating its
Dahlias - Delightfully Diverse
  dahliasmorguefile   It's unknown exactly when dahlias reemerged, hybridized and beautified, in North America. Originally from Mexico, the tubers eventually found their way to Europe. They
Season Solutions - Mid to Late Summer Bloomers
  alchilleaseduction Achillea Better known as yarrow, achillea has many advantages. This is one tough and tolerant plant. Growing to between 1.5' and 3', yarrow isn't very picky about soil
Pruning Clematis
clematis morguePruning Clematis   How do I prune my clematis? When your clematis blooms will tell you how to prune it. Clematis are generally grouped into one of three categories based on when they
'Returns' are Rewarding!
    dynamite returns daylily centertonHappy Ever Appster® Daylilies
'Returns' Reblooming Perennials Daylilies come and daylilies go, but Happy Ever Appster's do so from bloom until frost almost without pause.

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