Outdoor Plants
hydrangeabloomstruckHydrangeas - Always Trending Hydrangeas are as varied as the gardens they inhabit. It may be because they satisfy so many different tastes and situations that they are so loved.
cherrytree    Fruit Tree & Berry Bushes Due in 2015   What could be better than taking a stroll in your yard, picking some just ripened fruit and munching on it the moment you're in the
caryopteris proven winnersBlue Mist Shrub (Caryopteris) and Beauty Berry (Callicarpa) are a stunning couple in the fall garden
Blue Mist Shrub has shimmering blue flowers that look like annual Ageratum.  The
Hydrangea-paniculata-Pee-Wee- Panicle Hydrangeas

The panicle hydrangeas are a tough, hardy group.  They are not fussy like those prima donna macrophylla types.  Panicle hydrangeas will produce large cone-shaped
roseum pink conard pyle  'Roseum Pink' Rhododendron  

'Roseum Pink' Rhododendron has certainly proved itself! I'm not sure anyone could go wrong with a rhododendron cultivar hybridized in 1851! H.

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