Growing Microgreens & Sprouts
    microgreenssprouts There may not be an easier way to grow your own food than putting sprouts and microgreens on the menu. Instead of farm to table, now we’re talking windowsill to table. Growing
Microgreens vs Sprouts
botanicalinterestsseedsMicrogreens vs Sprouts - what's the difference?   Big thanks to Botanical Interests for writing this up!
  Microgreens and sprouts are trending everywhere from cooking shows and
November Garden Tips
novembergrassThis month signals a real winding down of outdoor garden activities. There are some things to prepare for before turning your attention to indoor gardening! These tasks are best done
October Garden Tips
  octobergarden Some of us have already experienced a frost depending on
September Garden Tips
  mumsFall is a perfect time for new plantings. Many plants are on sale providing you an opportunity to see your garden wake up next spring new and improved! Watering remains a necessity,
Dividing Irises & Daylilies
irissociety August is a great time for dividing perennial plants to expand your garden. Irises and daylilies can be divided now. If your Siberian irises have stopped blooming then they are
August Garden Tips
rosesharonNeed to take a look at the July Garden Tips? Find them here. If we experience dry weather, water thoroughly and deeply. If weather is hot, transpiration can occur. Plants may wilt
5 Garden Myths
gardenmyths5 Gardening Myths Feed an Unhealthy Plant Sometimes yes, many times no. There are many factors that can inhibit a plants ability to thrive and very often it has nothing to do with
July Garden Tips
daylilylongfieldsmaximJuly Garden Tips Missed the June Garden Tips? Take a look at great information that can still be useful.
July should be a bit more relaxed in the garden. The big push of spring
June Garden Tips
astilbe centerton nurseryJune Garden Tips June is known for lots of blooms coming forth in the garden, particularly this year, when the weather remained cold and our patience has worn thin. We may be seeing
Weeds - The 5 Letter Word
    weedsgardenWeeding is an ongoing garden chore, but the goal is to make it as easy as it possibly can be. Over a couple of seasons you can just about rid your garden of weeds as long as you
Tips for Edibles
veggiesmorgueTips on Growing Edibles   Vegetables There are quite a lot of garden chores in June when you're growing your own food! Here are some helpful tips and reminders. Note: Most

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