Faddegon’s carries all of the high quality lawn & gardening supplies you would expect to find in a complete garden center. You’ll also get great advice and recommendations for the products we stock. Into organics? We have an organic solution for just about every lawn or garden project you may have!

Agway Lawn Care
Audubon Birdfeeders
Bayer Garden & Lawn Products
Bonide solutions for garden, houseplant and lawn pest problems
Botanical Interests Flower & Vegetable Seeds
Hudson Valley Seed Library Flower & Vegetable Seeds
Chickity Doo Doo
Coast of Maine Organic Mulch and Soils
Corona Pruners & Tools
Droll Yankees Birdfeeders
Ecoscraps Soils
Espoma Organic Plant Foods makers of Plant-Tone and Holly-Tone
Feathered Friends Wild Birdfoods
Felco Pruners & Tools
Fox Farm Soils
Happy Frog Soils
Havahart Traps
Hoffman Bonsai Soil & Charcoal
Jack's Plant Foods
Jiffy Seed Starting
Jonathan Green Lawn Care
Liquid Fence
Miracle-Gro Foods & Soils
Molemax Products
Mosser Lee Houseplant Stones
Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer
Ortho Insect, Disease & Weed Controls
Pharm Organic Solutions
Plant Picket Garden Stakes
Preen Weed Preventers
Pro-Mix Potting Soils
Rapitest Soil pH Test Kits
Repels-All Animal Repellants
Safer Organics
Schulz Plant Foods
Scotts Lawn and Garden Products
Seedway Vegetable Crop Seeds
Shake-Away Animal Repellants
Soil Moist
St. Gabriel Organics
SuperThrive Super Amazing Plant Food